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NeuroGut Health Gut Assessment

Take this FREE self-check assessment to find out the current state of your gut health and the next steps to turn your gut around! 

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7 NeuroGut Health Hacks

Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Gut Health: Harness the Power of the Vagus Nerve and Nervous System

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A NeuroGut Healing Practice

A Somatic Practice for Promoting Optimal Gut Health and a Relaxed Nervous System

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NeuroGut Roadmap

5 Simple steps to 10x your Gut Healing and create a state of Reset and Digest! 

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Hi there, I'm Lisa Gumieniuk —

With over a decade of experience helping clients worldwide, I am dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their healing journey. My signature NeuroGut Healing approach combines cutting-edge neuroscience techniques with a compassionate and personalized approach to address the root causes of digestive challenges. Join me on the path to optimal health and wellness today.

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